7 Steps To Help You Sell Digital Products And Make Money Through A Blog

There are many ways of making money on a blog and one of them is to sell digital products. Digital products include: eBooks,digital photos,digital videos,badges,pins,online cards among other items. When most people hear about selling digital products,they imagine that they have to go to become marketers and join an affiliate product program,learn more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAbEs8tRFcg.

The following steps will serve as a guide on how you can easily sell digital products on your blog.

1. Come up with your own unique digital products

Coming up with a digital product requires a certain amount of creativity because the product has to be unique and appeal to your target market. Remember that your blog is not the only one that specializes in your particular niche. You can however get inspiration as to what products you can come up with and sell by looking at what other blogs in your area of interest are selling.

2. Look for payment options

Your mode of receiving payment should suit as many of your customers as possible. You can accept payments through PayPal,credit cards,etc. The method of payment should be affordable especially if you are just starting out. It should also be easily integrated into your blog.

3. Get your audience’s attention

Your audience should know that you are selling a particular digital product. You can inform them by getting their attention in a variety of ways.

You can start by giving them a great offer. Your product might not be unique but if the contents of your great offer are worded correctly,they will definitely catch your reader’s attention. For instance,if you are selling an eBook,you can give your customers free digital photos for every eBook they purchase. This way,you will be able to establish two things: you will market your photos as well as expedite the sales of your eBook.

4. Inform customers about your product

Naturally,your audience will want to know how your product will benefit them and why should they buy it from you instead of someone else? This information will persuade the customer to purchase your digital product.

5. Create a sales page

This page basically contains an image of your products,your offer and your sales copy. The page has to be attractive and easy to navigate if you hope to gain the respect and attention of your customers.

6. Come up with a good design for your product image

If you are selling an eBook,the eCover should appeal to your customers. Similarly,if you are selling stock photos,the collage design should be beautiful. This will help the customer decide on the value of the product. If the design is poor,then they will perceive the product as being ugly or not worth their money.

7. Determine how you will deliver your product

You should come up with a feasible way in which your customers can receive your products upon payment. Some people use WordPress plugins such as DAP (Digital Access Pass). The plugin has a shopping cart and an affiliate program for those that want affiliate marketers to sign up for their products. In addition,the plugin can be integrated with PayPal.

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